Our Services

Chief Security Officers

We provide CSOs who are responsible for enhancing and improving physical security and IT security etc.

Security Supervisors

We provide security supervisors which helps to manage guards and security staffs by their good initiative.

Field Officers

We provide field officers who can Formulating evaluative resources to guide your fieldwork.

Security Guards

We provide security guards with weapons and without weapons which enhances to give quality protection.

Lady Security Guards

We provide lady guard services for mall, hospital, hotel, restaurant, airport or any corporate offices etc.

Trained Dog Squads

We provide trained dog squads for services like tracking, guarding, search & rescue etc.

Bomb Squad

We provide bomb squad service who had experience in bomb detection and disposal.

Security Bouncer

We provide experience Bouncers for security, crowd control and gate restriction etc.


We provide bodyguards with weapons and without weapons for VIP and personal protection.

Intelligence and Vigilence

We provide Intelligence and vigilence for verification of known assets, insurance frauds and missing people etc.

Our Clients