Our Services

Chief Security Officers

Being the highest position in the security structure, our Chief Security Officers are responsible for all day-to-day engagements. They act more on an executive level and govern every process and personnel on the ground. They are responsible for enhancing and improving the security of the personnel, assets, and infrastructure.

Security Supervisors

Security Supervisors, being the most important position, oversee the entire security of the unit where they are deployed. Duties ranging from Guarding operations including allocation of shifts/duties, inspections, and on-ground checking.
They also oversee the site instructions and security documentation.

Field Officers

Field Officers formulate evaluative resources to guide our fieldwork. Their positioning is in the middle of the reporting structure hierarchy and acts as a bridge between supervisors and guards. Our field officers are highly managed and provide on-job training to their units.
They also manage replacements when required.

Security Guards

Maintaining a high-visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, our security guards are the actual workforce on the ground. They are trained in weapons and unarmed combats enhancing their skills to provide quality protection.

Lady Security Guards

We are actively engrossed in offering qualitative Lady Security Guard Services in the best possible manner. The Lady Security Guards are highly capable to work in contention or singly when required. We provide Lady guard services for malls, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, airports, or any corporate offices based on the requests from our renowned clients.

Trained Dog Squads

Dog Squad services are always used in liaison with Anti-sabotage teams as they have already gained much publicity for their contribution in crime investigations, tracking narcotics, and explosives. We have excellent trained dog Squads for services like tracking, guarding, search and rescue and much more.

Bomb Squad

As part of the Emergency Response Team, we provide highly trained Bomb Squad personnel who possess experience in detecting and disarming Bombs and other explosive devices. These teams are highly capable to work in contention with the Law Enforcing Departments or acting singly in events of emergency.

Security Bouncer

Social or commercial institutions like nightclubs, casinos, hotels, malls, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, etc., are always in need of provisions for crowd control, access control, avoiding commotion, and preventing anti-social elements. We provide highly trained and professional Bouncers who have expertise in handling such ordeals.


VIPs or Dignitaries with immaculate reputation, fame quality, riches, travel agendas, or occupations always require uplifted individual security. We provide trained Bodyguards with or without weapons to all such personnel enabling them to conduct their day-to-day businesses.

Intelligence and Vigilence

Intelligence and Vigilance are our attributed traits upon which we enact in said cases of verification of known assets, insurance frauds, missing people etc.