About Company

In an advanced and developed society, vulnerability to security runs in hand with the comfort and luxury of our lives. Society is very much polished to distinguish a crook within the handsome crowd out there. This calls for security very much in all walks of our lives. Be it business or at a personal level, we need security at every moment of our lives to make the worthwhile safe. The catastrophic effects of Security-Safety have been experienced worldwide, which include loss of human life, valuable property, production, profits, and sometimes even permanent closure of the industry. Nowadays, safety-security provisions are considered in the very initial stages of project implementation and even included in the project feasibility report itself.

Imbibing our motto “Your Security, Our Responsibility”, in our duties, We at Jashim Security Services (JSS) have been one of the pioneers in the Indian Private Security Industries. In this ever-changing social and technological environment, understanding security aspects and actions is important for improving the security of personnel. We cater to the security of clients’ business and personal life at all levels to provide a safe and danger-free environment, to conduct their daily chores and businesses without fear.

Established in the year 2008, the company has been molded and brought to maturity by its pioneering Chief and Mentor Mr. Jashim Ahmed who himself is an Ex-Weapons Trainer at the National Defence Academy. Throughout the decades of its existence, JSS has endeavored to provide the best security solutions to its customers through innovation, commitment to quality, training, and strict compliance to standards. We take care of the client’s safety, along with the workplace and its employees. We are known for delivering well-trained security guards and other security services to our clients in different parts of the country. We have expertise in services ranging from providing Bodyguards to corporate customers and individuals, trained security personnel for factories, housing societies, individuals, banks, and all other places intended.

Excellence in performance is our strength. It’s phenomenal growth and development branch from the highest ethical professional standards of its committed staff. Highly experienced and dedicated staff are engaged in sustaining and promoting the noble mission of the company - “Render range of quality security and safety services to different cross-sections of the society”. Our strength is our dedicated security force services to all-over Tamil Nadu and Chennai. We also provide our Cadres the benefit of ESI, PF, and other statutory requirements. We are also set to spread our services across the nation after the overwhelming success in the one state.

Our Mission:

Render range of quality security and safety services to different cross-sections of the society.

What makes us different.

Although, there are many external agencies providing security services, we own an innate philosophy that makes us different from all our counterparts.

1. Our company is engaged in security services and is committed to maintaining the quality of services and customer satisfaction.
2. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our operational activities learning from our past and challenging our limits to achieve greater results.
3. We adhere to high standards, thus, maintaining a very safe and healthy work environment.

Why Choose US ?
Range of Services:

We provide a plethora of services including personnel from all facets of the security structure. Other services like Emergency response teams, Bomb Squads, Dog Squads, Lady security, and many others are also provided.

Customer First Attitude:

Customer satisfaction is our biggest reward due to our innate Customer First Attitude. We are a customer-focused organization and therefore we understand our customers’ current and future needs, meet their requirements, and strive to exceed their expectations.

Unbeatable support:

We cater to all our customer needs and strive to resolve any problems at the earliest.

Employee Centric:

Not only do we provide training (Class or On-ground) to our employees but also take care of their insurance coverages to avoid all mishaps.

Periodic Checks:

The security supervisors and Officers conduct periodic and surprise checks on the ground staff. This is also to ensure that there are no thefts/pilferage due to negligence of the security staff.

Liaison Work:

We work in contention with other Law enforcing Departments in case of any problems. Issues with regards to a missing person, insurance fraud, verification of assets, etc., are also dealt with by our security teams.

About founder

“ABSOLUTE SECURITY WHEN THE JSS SECURITY IS ON GUARD” is the line that comes from the heart of our founder and mentor Mr. JASHIM AHMED, an Ex-Weapons Trainer at the National Defence Academy. He had a clear vision right from the beginning that he wanted to build a values-based business that focuses on putting the customer first and delivers premium services at affordable cost.

His in-depth knowledge of the Security industry makes him an irreplaceable asset. He endeavours to provide the best-in-class security to our society and seeks to adapt to the best practices that makes his team adept to deliver the best quality service.