Jashim Training Academy

About Our Training

Being a security guard could be one of the toughest jobs as along lies the actual responsibility for crime prevention, not to mention human life. So, hiring the right people and then creating a robust security guard training for your new and existing security officer’s manpower — is the guarantee of their great service.

We at Jashim Security Services not only have a very stringent recruitment standard while selecting the people but also are fully equipped to train security guards and certify them.

The Training division at JSS consists of a team of experts in training and is responsible for the provision of in–house training to personnel of different organizations. Categorizing the training into 3 main groups namely

We have expertise in providing the best Classroom, Field, and On-site training. The team arranges on-demand training classes, seminars/discussions for employees as well as conducting workshops on different subjects related to security, safety, fire prevention and control, executive protection and office security, etc. Pre-induction and orientation training are imparted to Security Guard, Supervisory Staff, and Security Officer before their placements. In addition, regular refresher training is imparted to all personnel of the company to keep them abreast with the latest Security techniques.

Selection, Recruitment, and Training:

We at JSS have a stringent recruitment process to select and recruit the best person for the job. Our recruitment team screens through each applicant to examine their capabilities and skills. Proper background verification is conducted to access if the applicant has any criminal history. Post completion of the selection and recruitment processes, the newer recruits go through levels of training before they are deployed at their units.

Classroom Training:

Our security staff can be deployed at multiple sectors as per the requirements. Thus, it becomes mandatory for them to understand each unit of work they could be posted at. Specialized classroom training is held to discuss and train them on Hospital security, x-ray screening, cash-in-transit, residential and social institutions, latest technologies, and other general security training.

Field Training:

Being physically fit and ready for any situation are qualities desirable in any security team. On-ground physical training is provided not only to the newer recruits but also to the existing teams to always keep them at their toes. Physical training includes regular PT exercises, self-defense classes, weapons training, Safety evacuations, and on-request training.

Emergency Response Training:

Places of work and business are not immune to the occurrence of calamities that can result in injury or even death of people. Emergency response training offers individuals in offices, businesses, industries, and factories a chance to learn how to behave and respond to emergency situations. Not only does the training imparts situation handling/control to our security staff but also enables them to teach the procedures they should follow in the event of an emergency, for instance, a fire, earthquake, or flood. Mock Drills, Fire Safety, First Aid many more are part of these training.